Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Season of Too Many Bowl Games Comes to an End With Former PAC 12 Champion Washington Playing Big 13 Champion Michigan For National Championship


After far too many postseason collegiate bowl games
By any teams who ending their season by winning at least 6 for 15 minutes of fame
Sadly in the push for sponsors with cash for bowls to name
Some of the great bowl traditions come up lame
The granddaddy of them that started the post season bowl trend
The Pac 8, Pac 10 and then Pac 12 host to welcome the winner of the Big Ten came to an end
The PAC 12, the Conference of Champions, at the end of 2023 in football ceased to exist
The Rose Bowl Parade and Game will survive but a meeting of a West Coast team and the now Big 18 fans may not insist
Until today fans are taken back into the past
Where traditions of storied rivalries did forever last
Michigan Big 13 Winner and Washington PAC 12 Winner meeting today to see who wins the Rose Bowl
But rather who would achieve its National Championship goal
The last time the undefeated Wolverines needed a Rose Bowl win
To have a chance to pass Nebraska to claim the National Championship spin
Was in 1972 when to Pasadena “Bo” Schembechler brought his undefeated Wolverines
To lose to 8-3 ranked 16th  Stanford 13-12 to kill a chance for their National Championship dreams

© 1/8/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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