Friday, January 5, 2024

To Save Democracy Biden Thinks It Must Be Saved By Removing Trump From the Ballot.


If you want to gut a democracy here is how you bring it to its end
Instead of killing and creating  political martyrs off the ballot Trump’s name you send
Biden’s reelection hopes and dreams depend on an election on democracy that Biden  saves
Or as he intones from day 1 of a Trump election democracy to put by him into an early grave
Ballot stuffing, illegals voting due to lack of voter ID, blanket mail in ballots to be  harvested may come up short
Some may be so blatant they get caught or the number of fraudulent ballots cast not enough to the election of Trump abort
Only way for Blues in their warped biased minds to democracy to save
To from day one of Trumps’ dictatorship turning us into slaves
Is by hook or by crook use an Amendment  at Johnny Rebs named
Morph the events of January 6, 2,021 as a Trump inspired insurrection to have claimed
With the term not defined and the punishment left for Congress to decide
Instead of political motivated Secretaries of State or special prosecutors hitching space on the insurrection ride
Biden must have had the benefit of massive doses of drugs that dementia for short periods derails
Forcibly with justified anger demands that Trump’s place on the ballot must fail
The perfect way to on Election Day democracy kill
People at the polls exercising their desired voting will
Until they realize they have been duped
Removal of Trump’s name the left has stooped.

© 12/5/2023 Ridley’s Believe It Or Not

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