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1/3/2024 To Give a Partial Reveal

               © December 31, 2023  Ridley’s Believe It Or Not Year Partially In Review

             Noted Deaths Starting with 1/1/2023 and ending in 12/31/2023:
  Ken Block, rally driver and DC Shoes, 1/1/2023 age 55.
              Lisa Marie Presley, singer, 1/11/2023 age 54
              Bobby Hull, professional hockey, 1/29/2023 age 82
              Burt Bacharach, composer 2/7/2023 age 94
               Raquel Welch, actress 2/14/2023 age 92
               Bud Grant, pro football coach 3/10/2023 age 95
               Al Jaffe, Mad Magazine, Cartoonist 4/9/2023 age 102   
               Ralphe Belafonte, actor, singer and activist 4/24/2023/ age 96 
               Jerry Springer, controversial daytime TV Host 4/26/2023 age 79
                Marlene Hagge, cofounder of LPGA 5/15/2023 age 89
                Jim Brown, pro football player 5/18/22023 age 87
                Tina Turner, singer 5/23/2023 age 83
                 Richard Hanssen, Ex-FBI Soviet Spy 6/4/2023 age 79
                 Ted Kaczynski, the “Unabomber” 6/9/2023 age 81
                 Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Leaker 6/15/age 92
                 Tony Bennett, Singer 7/20/2023 age 96
                  Sinead O’Connor, Singer  7/25/2023 age 56           
                  Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman actor, comic 7/29/2023 age 70
                  Bob Barker, Game Show Host, Actor 8/25/2023 age 99
                  Jimmy Buffet, Singer, Songwriter 8/31/2023 age 76
                  Senator Dianne Feinstein, CA Blue Sen. 9/27/2023 age 90
                  Suzanne Somers, 3’s Company actress, nutritionist 10/14/2023 age 76
                   Rosalind Carter, former First Lady 11/18/2023  age 96
                   Henry Kissinger,  Former Secretary of State 11/28, 2023 age 100
                   Sandra Day O’Connor, SCOTUS Justice 11/30/ 2023 age/93
                    Bill McColl, College Hall of Fame, Orthopedic Surgeon 12/28/2023 age 93
                   John Travolta, Actor 12/31/2023 age 69

The list of noted people and celebrities who have died this year is a long one but with the number of new drugs in patient trials we can hope that  progress will be made. It was a difficult choice but a need as the list seems to grow its but growth will slow as evidence that efficacy and safety are there.


It was easier to categorize the deadliest natural disasters because such disasters usually leave a trail of destruction and dead and injured all with the survivors is a world of hurt. The list could have been longer but sufficient to stress the lesson that Mother Nature can be a mother of unbelievable hurt.
                   Ten of the deadliest natural disasters of 2023

                   Maui Wildfires 8/8-8/11 killed at least 100 and damage of at $5.52 B        

                   Rwanda Rainstorms 5/2 destroyed 5,000 homes and killed 129 people
                   130 mph winds of Cyclone Mocha 5/14 killed at least 145 people
                   11/3 a 5.6 earthquake hit Nepal killing at least 157 people
                    Early May heavy rainstorms in Western Congo destroying 1000’s of                                        homes                                                                   

                    And killing at least 438 people

                    For 6 days in early May, Tropical Cyclone Freedy was dumping massive

                    rain to kill at least a 1000 in Malawi, 17 in Madagascar and 183 in
                    Mozambique while displacing some 183,000 persons.

                    10/7 a 6.3 Earthquake rattled Afghanistan, killing some 1480 and  

                     Injured 1000’s more
                    On 9/8 a 6.8 Earthquake hit 48 miles from Marrakesh, Morocco killing

                    some 2,946 and injuring some 5,674
                     On 9/10 Storm Daniel hit Derna, Libya with massive rainfall burst

                     2 dams in Derna, releasing massive amounts of rain in a deadly flood,

                     With the official death count as of 10/31 is 4272 with 8,000 more
                      deemed missing and dead

                     On  February 6, a 7.8 Earthquake hit Turkey near its Syrian border/

                      Followed by a 7.6 2 hours later with some 55,000 believed to be dead

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