Thursday, February 1, 2024

Blues Wage War on Democracy Not Reds As Reds Who Boycotted Session Are Purged From Ballot--Banana Republic Lacking a Firing Squad


The Blues whenever they have a forum on the MSM
Howl in protest there is a Red war on democracy the Blues must stem
Whereas the alleged Reds’ end to democracy attempts
Are designed to insure voter integrity deserving praise not contempt
Voter ID, no ballot harvesting, unsolicited mail in ballots or, stations to drop off ballots
We designed to prevent voter fraud by ends justify the means zealots
While the Blues argue they are only needed to remove barriers to voting which have a  racist streak
In no way designed nor do they result in unfair or illegal election results Blues are maligned to want to seek
Now the Blues have an insurance policy in 2016 they did not against Trump possess
Almost a hundred percent effective to insure Blue wins and Red wins suppress
Even better than Stalin who worried only who would the ballots count
Making it next to impossible for losses by the Reds to surmount
Have the state courts whose judges owe office to the voters after end of governor appointed term
Determine whether Reds’ acts before the election strip them of right to run so they could to office return
In Oregon upset voters upset passed a referendum that provided legislators with unexcused absences of at least 10
Could not run for reelection for his or her seat again
Sure enough Red legislators angered at legislation threatened to be crammed down their and their constituents’ throats
Went on strike, boycotting the session, invoking the quorum moat
The Secretary of State banned the boycotters and the Supreme Court upheld
Democracy died in Oregon with the vote to Reds for their candidates withheld
The tyranny of the majority of the Blue Banana Republic has reared its ugly head
One of the most liberal states in the union has just declared democracy there dead.

© 02/02/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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