Monday, February 12, 2024

Biden Skips Super Bowl Interview, Blasts "Shrinkinflation" and Claims Americans Are Not Suckers Which Is Why Support For Bidenomics Has All But Disappeared


For the second year in a row Biden’s strategy is to remain in the basement
So the extent of his impairment to be viewed by Americans he can prevent
He skipped the somewhat presidential tradition of before the Super Bowl
To give an interview extoling his successes and promoting his further goals
Given his perception that Fox is far from “fair and balanced” to carry water for the MAGA destructive wing
With Fox broadcasting game last year, somewhat understandable to the interview chair he would not want to himself bring
But this year Super Bowl LVIII was brought to us by CBS
A proud member of the MSM and unlikely to inflict MAGA distress
Most politicians would jump immediately at the chance
To reach out to some 39 million homes to his or her programs advance
But Jill and Biden’s puppet masters wisely viewed the risk
That lapses, gaffes and failed statements would prove his mental abilities now longer  exist
Instead of an interview before Super Bowl VIII
A video of Biden before packages of snacks which have shrunk in weight
Blamed the snack food companies for “shrinkinflation” 
For reducing the contents but not the price meriting deceptive condemnation
Said probably one of the few utterances that make any economic sense
As overwhelming majorities feel Biden is failing in his improve economic standing offense
“The American Public is tired of being played for suckers” asked to believe “Bidenomics” has improved their economic lot
When in reality it is failing in providing security and prosperity Americans have sought.
Probably explains why the word has almost disappeared
As Americans living from paycheck to paycheck hurting under great economic fears

©2/12/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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