Saturday, March 16, 2024

WAPO Columnist Declares For Sake of Party and Nation Harris Should Drop Out Should Have Added Biden Too


More and more on the occasions that are becoming quite rare
When Biden makes a public appearance after his script to his “thoughts share”
His puppet masters push the press away and push Biden off the stage
Under clear orders to prevent voters from seeing the damaging effects as his dementia wages
A world turned upside down as the “leader” needs their  permission to with the press speak
More evidence of a frail candidate to be in the Oval Office too cognitively weak
And the “word salad queen” masquerading as a VP
Compared to Biden trails him in popularity
Kathleen Parker for WAPO a far too liberal rag
Whose support of Blue politicians never lags
Has smelt the dressing on the word salad queen
Declares it spoiled and said she should retire from the '24 campaign scene
Picked by Biden to get Clyburn’s support to a nomination lock
Ignoring her lack of skills but in the race and gender box
A vote for Biden is a vote for her as he will not a full term serve
Either due to the 25th or death and her as president we do not deserve
A good first step but for Blues not enough
Biden should drop out as clearly he doesn’t have cognitively the “Right Stuff.”

© March 17, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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