Thursday, March 7, 2024

Dick Durbin Puts Rights of Illegals Ahead of Rights of Americans to Be Free of Open Borders and Migrant Crime


The Open Border and the newly labeled “Migrant Crime”
Are very near to the top of major concerns of voters come election time
Areas where Biden’s performance  scores very, very low
Almost trumping Biden’s old age and senility which daily shows
Senator Ernst has introduced a bill to require ICE to hold illegals charged with violent crimes where someone is killed
Is demanding the Senate vote on her the bill but Blue Durbin raising the due process flag by his no vote blocks the people’s will
Across this nation there is an increasing disturbing trend
When cities are crippled with amounts of aid to illegals spend
Programs to aid citizens are cut back or come to an almost end
Blues have as their Holy Grail to turn illegals into voters so Blues to offices they will send
Any illegal charged with a crime worth his salt can easily go back across the border to flee
When the publicity of his illegal acts die down come back across to continue his crime spree
In November at the polls Americans sick of spending billions and worried that they or loved ones in a morgue or hospital will end up
Need to vote for Trump and Red candidates down ballot to insure the open border is slammed shut.

© March 7, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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