Saturday, March 30, 2024

Governor Hochul Beats a Quick Retreat After Informed She Is Not Welcome at Jonathan Diller's Wake


When it comes to photo ops you can always look to Governor Hochul
But in her latest attempt following the Biden no show she is clearly a yokel
Police in New York State especially those of the NYPD
A thinning Blue Line fighting a deadly growing crime spree
And making arrests are frustrated beyond belief
Arrest a criminal and with cashless bail back on the streets to spread grief
Or for cops putting their lives on the line
Leftist D.A.’s like Bragg charge down from serious felonies to lesser crimes
The legislature in Albany controlled by Blues
Have bent over backwards to priorities of the safety of the public eschew
To wage war not against the felons like the one who killed Jonathan Diller
But cops, swamping them in a paperwork blizzard, their actions curtail and chip away on what was against crime a safety pillar
So when DEI is the mantra of the Hochul and the left to the NYPD rule
To think she would be welcome at Diller’s wake reveals her as a total fool
She was not welcomed in words of scorn and rebuke crystal clear
In less than 10 minutes she was in her SUV convoy followed by “good riddance” cheers
Her appearance in the fall election is perhaps a good sign
That the police on false compassion to fallen officers really do mind

© 3/30/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

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