Thursday, March 28, 2024

Nine State To Ban Gasoline Powered Cars By 2035, Ignoring The Reduction in Carbon Emissions by Hybrids and Plug in Hybrid


The eco-terrorists from the left are hell bent
To as fast they can the sale of gas powered vehicles prevent
Oblivious to the fact
That enough charging stations we lack
And batteries today will not insure that on a trip you will to home get back
Determined to push down drivers’ throats unwanted expensive EV’s
When the bridge lowering carbon emissions is in the open for all to see
Hybrids run on gas until forced to idle or in traffic slowly move or stop and go
Then shift to EV with a short range before back to gas to recharge in faster traffic flow
A plug-hybrid EV has a longer battery range and can recharge while braking
All the while improving the amount of carbon emissions the plug in hybrid is making
Most trips do not involve long commutes and the workers should be able reach work and charge at home at night
And with the ability to switch to gas the driver will have lost his without charge fright
The EV’s clogging up dealers’ lots
Testimony that the cart is in front of the EV cart and eco-terrorists will not get the EV sales they have sought

© 3/28/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

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