Friday, March 29, 2024

Louisiana May Follow Texas to Declare the Tidal Wave of Illegals Is a Crime. Will Other States Follow?


The Blue leaders in Washington and our State Capitals cannot an “invasion” properly define
They must think an invasion requires uniformed troops, planes, and tanks crossing our border lines
The idea of 10+ million unvetted illegals and 2 million + getaways can’t be an invasion in their minds
They believe an illegal has a right to stay even if a court years from now the asylum petition was bogus will find
Their eyes are blind to the thousands of illegals crossing each day
And their ears closed to their desire to escape poverty that makes them want to stay
Especially when our social safety net of services and funds they can receive
Our own citizens including vets due to illegals overcrowding are forced to leave
Texas was the first state to make illegal entry a crime
Fighting tooth and nail Biden’s DHS which believes open borders are now just fine
The pendulum for sanity and a secure border may be increasing as Louisiana could become the second state
To make illegal entry a crime in an attempt the flood of illegals abate
What does it take to make non border states realize there are only states with open borders?
As their social safety nets are exhausted and facing drugs, trafficking and lack of order
Biden is blaming Reds for the flood of illegals at the border which is a total joke
All Biden would have to do to start solving the problem is his anti-Trump executive orders revoke
If his poll numbers of successfully addressing illegal immigration continue to drop
To save his reelection try in an October surprise look for his executive order flip flop
© 3/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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