Friday, March 29, 2024

Governor Kathy Hochul Had Only False Empathy and Compassion as She Appeared at Officer Diller's Wake and Left After 10 Minutes to Attendees' Applause


The Governor of New York appeared at the wake of Jonathon Diller
On the day that career criminal Guy Rivera was charged as being his first degree killer
And the day after Biden at a $25 million celebrity fund raiser did not attend
Another example of the message that Blues do not back police chose to send
The head of the Benevolent Association for the NYPD’s message to Blues was very clear
Those politicians with cashless bail and catch and release are not at Diller’s wake welcome here
To appear in a photo op with police to in a campaign falsely use
That they support the police but to pass legislation to keep career criminals off the street they refuse
Within minutes Kathy Hochul realized that her hypocrisy and scorn were not welcome here
And to the applause of the mourning officers, she quickly turned around and disappeared
A Déjà vu moment when Mayor Di Blasio at funerals for cops killed in the line of duty would appear
And the thin Blue Line would turn their backs on him until he disappeared
Blues may have raised $25 million instead of Biden doing the compassionate act
But may choke on the dollars as voters like the NYPD on Di Blasio on him will turn their backs

© 3/29/2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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