Thursday, October 6, 2022

Deja Vu of Cell Phones' Lithium Batteries Bursting Into Flames As EV's Flooded By Hurricane Ian Do the Same


The Green New Deal’s path to zero carbon emissions will be EV’s
If and only if there will be enough charging stations for drivers to see
And a power grid robust enough during heat waves that avoiding blackout there will be no doubt
And being able to charge EV’s during 3-9 P.M. to avoid rolling blackouts
A weak power grid prone to blackouts or brownouts will be the new Achilles Heel
Inability to charge or unable to find charging stations will curb the buying EV’s zeal
In a déjà vu of lithium batteries in cell phones years ago bursting into flames
Hurricane Ian has revealed a new issue to the desire for EV’s tame
The storm surge of the ocean pushed by winds of hurricane of CAT 4
Quickly flooded cars on the streets or in garages’ ground floors
Salt water and lithium batteries powering EV’s do not mix well
The EV no longer starts or worse bursts into flames that are hard to quell
If one lives near the coast or near rivers in a hurricane’s path
Where residents can be seen on top of roofs to escape the storm surge’s wrath
If a person owns an EV and it cannot be parked above the second floor
To save it evacuation to much higher ground will be much harder to ignore
The good news is that the potential death count will be reduced
If those in the hurricane’s or flooding’s path quickly vamoose
© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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