Monday, October 17, 2022

An Incompetent Transportation Secretary Concealing That By Claiming Biden Rescued the Economy From Free Fall


Notre Dame may be a very prestigious university located in South Bend
But any thought that being mayor there qualifies one as Transportation Secretary needs to end
The position is so far above Mayor Pete’s pay grade
Mayor Pete’s performance is proof positive that meritocracy is dead and check the box pervades
Mayor Pete’s box is that he is gay
Took paternity leave to not let the ports’ ship jam to get in his way
Mayor Pete’s box also includes the equity bonus
As he claims our roadway system suffers from the racism onus
Ships were stacked up in the ports worse than planes in bad weather at O’Hare
His ignoring the problem gave proof that he really didn’t care
Rising diesel fuel costs that power our interstate trucks
Without which getting food to our table and goods to our homes we are out of luck
Failed to trigger any response on the need to produce more oil
While vaccine requirements decimating drivers as from vaccine mandates many recoiled
Not content with only being in transportation totally inept
He is lying that Biden saved us from the economic disaster Trump under the rug had swept
How can this Blue with a straight face as Biden’s inflation our prosperity yeggs
That a surging, recovering vaccine on board economy was on its last legs?
Mayor Pete needs to go back to South Bend where he can do well
As long as the pot holes are on his street he can repair the pot hole hell

© October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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