Friday, October 21, 2022

Lunch On a Starlight With a Lisa


When one travels by bus or plane one is too often stuck
With no room in a seat or between two obese often stuck
Conversation comes to a halt with lips sealed
Any desires of humanity desires to reach out concealed
But if one dares in this 24/7 world that moves too fast
To step in time warp to travel in the past
Instead of spending hours to waste
Fighting traffic and TSA lines gnawing at one’s haste
And board a sleeper train with a book or phone cam in one’s hand
To close up not at 35,000 feet to see the beauties of this land
Better yet a random chance to with strangers break bread
To with conversation while eating share the miles ahead
As a first generation citizen with a mother from the Gaspe Coast
Having lunch on the Coast Starlight with a Canadian merits a poetic toast
Lisa may have been the name of a failed Apple
But she like my mother is why we should not migrants fret on how to grapple
A beautiful young software wizard from Minnesota’s frigid and humid climes
Hard to imagine a better stranger to share a meal at lunch time
Conversing with her this committed political Red
A dilution of Blue works well instead

© 10/21/22 The Alaskanpoet


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