Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A Candidate Doing a Debate Should Be a Requirement Not As Reid Lauds Fetterman For Being "Gutsy"


Americans deserve better than to be smothered by TV 30 second ad spots
To try to learn what a candidate stands for and what he or she does not
Since too many journalists lack any objectivity interviews will not do the trick
Almost no hardball only T-ball questions or such bias it makes a viewer sick
It should be required of all candidates that with their opponent debate
Only way a voter has any chance to be able to the candidates rate
Joyless Reid she put Fetterman on a throne
For being “gutsy” to debate and have his frailty shone
So brave to run the embarrassment risk
Ignoring the fact that he should have no choice as debates are the best way for voters to determine what policies exist
A candidate should never be allowed to in a basement hide
To rarely appear in public to defend and advance on issues his or her side
Reid thinks that having a stroke does not from office a candidate disqualify
And she is right assuming the observing the candidates actions and thoughts the voters are not denied
Reid so typical of the one trick pony Blues in this Midterm
Had to try on the issue of abortion make all Reds squirm
Alleged Reds wanted to make woman property of the state
Once again proving her integrity is near zero and her bias is so high it’s off the charts to rate

© October 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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