Monday, October 17, 2022

The Thin Blue Line Is Getting Thinner Due to Defund the Police, BLM, Suicides and Shot in the Line of Duty


One of the most dangerous professions is to be a member of the Thin Blue Line
Each day a cop leaves the station house he fears he will he not come home this time
They are facing surging violent crime  and worse they are often the victims of false 911 calls
Lured to ambush sites by felons to fulfill their protect and serve job only to into an ambush fall
Or shot without warning on a routine traffic stop
Add to that the growing disrespect from residents and city hall and who wants to be a cop?
Through September of this year 252 cops have been shot and 50 have died
While defund the police movements have caused retirements of many on whom our safety we have relied
While the Blue politicians and elite behind their gated communities have for their safety little fear
For their armed private security is on hand and always very near
No wonder far too many officers too stressed out and overworked
Fall victim to the suicide demons that within them lurk
Couldn’t find statistics to find out how cop suicides
But in the past more by their own hands than during duty have died
This nation in addition to the expected Red Wave
To save us from the open borders, crime, and inflation’s early grave
We need a Blue Wave not of Blues for Blues at the polls voting
But of citizens respecting and appreciating the service cops are devoting
Time for those protected and served to shatter
The disruptive myth that only Black Lives Matter
Which corrupts our society like atter
And makes it more difficult to true racism batter

©  October 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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