Saturday, October 8, 2022

Jill Becomes Another One Trick Pony To Campaign on Reds Taking Us Back In Time on Abortion


Biden the great unifier campaign phony
Has another supporter be a one trick pony
Jill today revealed that she helped a friend in the 60’s get an abortion
No names, no facts, only the “Reds want to take us back in time distortion”
Assuming unlike her husband who tends to facts embellish and the truth stop
She is not talking about a female like “Corn Pop”
But is she telling a tale of personal woe
Where her friend had delayed until third trimester a trip to the doctor go?
Or was this pregnancy still in its early term
That support for an abortion from most Reds would be easily earned?
Most Reds have joined the mainstream to early abortions support
And like almost all Americans any abortion on demand in the third trimester support falls far short
Jill is his spouse and working 24/7 to the extent of his dementia conceal
Her tearful story should be taken with a grain of salt unless her friend is revealed
Women have to face inflation daily and safety issues almost every day
Very, very infrequently are they going to have to for a third trimester abortion seek an OK

© October 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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