Saturday, October 15, 2022

Biden Ridiculed for Grabbing Young Girl's Shoulder to Give Her Dating Advice


“Creepy Joe” is back at it again touching a young girl on her shoulder
Holding it from behind as this advice he told her
“No serious men until you are thirty”
An image of an old man quite dirty
One would think that the images of unwanted touching would raise alarm
But if it’s Creepy Joe it is dismissed as a gaffe as he meant no harm
Trump had been the one the MSM would have had a field day
Casting him as a pervert, child molester under the reptilian brain’s sway
Joe must be oblivious to the idea of a female not wanting an invasion of her space
Another sign of dementia or excusing his habit of hugging both men and women in a public place?
One would think most young girls when touched on their shoulders would cringe
Not wanting their personal space by an old man stranger infringed
But the MSM to Biden’s unwanted hugs
The intrusion merely off they shrug

© 10/15/22 The Alaskanpoet

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