Saturday, October 15, 2022

Reds Demand Investigation of Biden's Trying to Get Saudi's to Influence Election By Delaying Oil Production Cuts News Until After the Election


Biden’s few working neurons may be working overtime to make him aware
Rising gas prices again at the pump for Blue Midterm chances will be a bugbear
To dampen the expected Red Wave
He invaded the SPR and released oil to Blue seats try to save
Now as a result at the lowest level in years
In case of supply disruptions we should all fear
When OPEC to raise prices announced a 2 million barrel a day production cut
Biden knowing the effect would be for a rise in gas prices at the pump erupt
Went hat in hand to the Saudis once for years a close ally
To beg for them to add to their sales to the U.S. tally
Turned down by the Saudis so Biden cravenly went to Plan B
Begged the Saudis to delay the announcement of production cuts to after Election Day so voters would not see
Inflation especially at the pump is Biden’s and the Blues’ Electoral Achilles Heel
No wonder he acted to cravenly from the American voters the decrease in production conceal
Trying to get a foreign government to influence our election smells
His Blues at the polls should be sent to voter rejection Hell
Despite trying to the move as a means to keep Russian sanctions strong spin
Yet another example of Blues craven pushing the ends justify the means in order to win
And since Pelosi will ignore Red requests to investigate Biden’s pleas
Another reason why in Congress a huge Red Wave we must see

© October 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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