Monday, October 31, 2022

DePape an Illegal Immigrant Planned to Kneecap Nancy If She Lied--How Mentally Ill Was He


Blues are rejoicing that Paul Pelosi did not die
But an October surprise in their favor they many not rely
Immediately after the attack the airways of the MSM were blaming MAGA dog whistles of hate
Biden, the great divider and apostle anti MAGA rants, chimed in that divisiveness must abate
Oblivious to the fact that his TV address with Marines behind bathed in blood red light
Symbolically condemning 74 million voters in a clarion call for the rest of us to fight
The facts are now coming out to reveal
DePape was an illegal alien from Canada for 20 years his status to conceal
It will become clear that he was mentally ill and becoming more and more paranoid
As facts develop more and more an untreated individual due to the growing mental health treatment void
Not knowing that Nancy Pelosi was still in Washington and not at home
Clearly this attack was not well planned which one can expect from someone trapped in the mental illness zone
Instead of blaming Trump the Blues should join with Reds
Come together on treating mental illness instead
DePape has confessed but we can expect when his lawyer is appointed
A plea of insanity for DePape he will select
© October 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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