Thursday, October 27, 2022

Kelly's Lead in Arizona Evaporated and Race Is Now a Toss Up As Blues Panic


Arizona is a border state and its border to drugs and illegals is open wide
Kelly the former astronaut used to peering at it from space where the surge would be an invisible tide
Unwilling and unable to see the problem on the ground and from Biden’s policies depart
Finally, Reds are focusing on making this election a referendum on Biden and now hitting the mark
Kelly not in space on the ground is saddled to a one trick pony
While real issues like crime, inflation, safety and open border he must view as phony
With his wife shot in an assassination attempt
No matter how he disguises it, probably holds 2nd in contempt
His opponent Blake Masters
Is not wedded to Biden’s border disaster
A Stanford grad and venture capitalist supporting the technology private sector
While Blues on abortion on demand are prone to us daily hector
Blake supports a ban on abortions during the third trimester unless to a mother’s life save
Where the vast majority of Americans support despite all the rabid pro-choice rants and raves
Right on the issues as the Kelly’s abortion one trick pony has thrown a shoe
Masters has the momentum and the race once favored Blue is now a tossup as Kelly’s term may be through

© October 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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