Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Alex Jones and His Company both in B/K Hit With Almost a Billion $'s Due to Claimed Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax


The killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School shocked to its roots the nation
20 small children, 6 teachers, and Adam Lanza the shooter who committed suicide rather than face the death penalty or lifetime incarceration
Police and newsmen flocked rapidly to the deadly shooting site
No one seeing the footage or listening to the survivors would believe the accounts were not right
Save conspiracy theorist Alex Jones who at first claimed the shootings were a hoax
Created by 2nd Amendment foes wanting to the flames of more gun control stoke
Far too many listeners of his media shows were seduced by his claims
To the parents of the dead children hassle, demean, threaten and defame
Who after the grief of the loss of a child started filling defamation suits with Jones and his company as defendants named
The verdicts against the two in almost a billion dollars have been entered
With several suits waiting for judgments to be rendered
Both Jones and his company he owns have filed for B/K
In the hope that any judgments will be discharged and go away
Jones may well be in for a rude surprise
In a B/K court defamation torts judgments do not meet a discharge demise
To collect from Jones the parent plaintiffs will have a hard time
He will move like OJ to Florida where his home will be judgment exempt up to the last dime
The best advice before spending more legal fees on how to collect
Would be to meet with Ron Goldman’s parents to learn the collection means they selected
Fortunately the plaintiffs were probably not in this for any money but to defamation from conspiracy theorists deter
And to force media outlets thinking to air the theories to be more thorough in fact checking before the airing can occur

© October 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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