Monday, October 10, 2022

Carl Rove Predicts Reds Take the House and Pelosi Resigns After Prediction of Winning to Keep Donors Donating


American is in the grip of a violent crime tidal wave
In Blue run urban cities large numbers of men of color are headed daily to their graves
The elite Blues to the sufferings of those of color seem immune
Lori Lightweight instead of seeking solutions is on a Tik-Tok singing tune
The perfect storm of Soros funded D.A.’s and the thinning of the Thin Blue Line
From defunding, disrespect and damaging handcuffs imposed to cripple fighting crime
Daily families of color have to face two deadly concerns
Personal safety and that inflation is destroying what they earn
Despite Governor Hochul’s delusional claim
That NYC is the safest city and crime tame
New Yorkers are fearful taking the subway where violence is rife
Without warning this could be the day one will lose one’s life
Families of color after decades of being Blue voting plantation slaves
Are starting to ignore the elite Blues oblivious to their needs despite all the votes they gave
Inflation and the economy, open border, schools  and crime for the Reds
For Blues it's abortion on demand and threats to democracy of Trump voters instead
Inflation making it a daily chore to pay for gas and on the table put food
While watching retirement savings fall and trying not to become unglued
On demand abortions in the third trimester not due to rape or incest or to the life of the mother saveOr the daily concerns of surviving should mean despite Blues’ abortion pony still a Red wave

 © October 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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