Thursday, October 13, 2022

Blue Fetterman, Ryan, Barnes, Beasley and Warnock All Support Cashless Bail to the Safety of Victims Ignore


Daily if you read the news, one sees that we are in a violent crime surge 

In our Blue run urban cities men of color with guns are trying to from the streets men of color purge
The Thin Blue Line has gotten thinner each day from a continuing one two punch
Soros backed D.A.’s releasing felons after arrest on no cash bail often before lunch
And the dual effects of Defund the Cops and the cops fed up choosing to quit
Hobbled by leftist city councils from doing their job, disrespected and not looking to be the latest line of duty obit
While Blues were once on the Defund the Cops mantra all in
Desperately trying to pivot to blame Reds for not supporting police in order to win
John Fetterman, Rep. Tim Ryan, Mandela Barnes, Cheri Beasley, and Sen. Raphael Warnock
Are running for the Senate and all support the idea that cash bails must be blocked
It is too racist to keep an alleged black felon in jail
When that felon does not have the money to post bail
Ignore the fact the alleged felon to the community remains a threat to safety to great
Equity demands the alleged felon be out on the street to his or her trial await
Yet these 5 expect the Thin Blue Line to daily risk their lives to put felons in jail
Only to have them released in light speed on no cash bail
In many cases while returned to the streets
To a continuation of violent crimes to the citizens treat
Even if released and required to wear a monitor on their ankle
Which often is quickly discarded to cops and citizens rankle
For voters living in the states that of these misguided soft on crime candidates reside
You must vote Red to have any chance whatsoever of safety by ending the violent crime tide

© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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