Thursday, October 13, 2022

Inflation, Crime and Open Border Trump Abortion's One Trick Pony So Desperate Biden, Dementia and All Is Now on Campaign Trail


Biden is acting more and more desperate each day
Inflation, crime and open border with drugs are going to send Blue majorities away
Gas prices are beginning to again rise cramping ability to fill one’s car
The craven political move of withdrawing oil from the SPR
Is being so criticized doubtful he can use this trick any more
The Saudis and OPEC have announced a 2 million barrel output cut so prices will soar
His idiotic war on domestically produced energy means oil production here won’t instantly increase
Now we find from the Saudis Biden begged them to wait after the election to the 2 million barrel cut surcease
Biden reverted to the VP Biden of old where he told the Ukrainians if they wanted aid
The continued investigation of Hunter and Burisma they had to forbade
Threatened the Saudis that there would be consequences if production they curtailed
  Not known what these will be but suspect in getting OPEC to increase, they will fail
Inflation remains at historic high
Crime is soaring, and cops are dying like flies
Illegals are coming through the wide open border in a tidal wave
Despite record seizures of fentanyl more and more thousands of Americans are going to early graves
So many that after decades of longevity increase
We are now facing an unprecedented decrease
Biden and his Blues are stuck on the abortion on trick pony
Claiming Reds want to ban all abortions which Americans will see as phony
He is now on the campaign trail
A great risk as people will see how his mental state has failed

© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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