Friday, October 7, 2022

Typical Biden 2 Step As Once Again Forced to Walk Back Comments This Time on Nuclear Armageddon


Biden ran as the great unifier and the experienced leader of sanity and reason
While Trump was blasted by the MSM and the left as a loose cannon committing with the Russians treason
So far Biden has set the standard as the greatest of all dividers since Jefferson Davis
He by attacking Reds as democracy threats has poured gas on divisiveness flames not from it trying to save us
He warned we were closer to Armageddon than since the Cuban Missile Crisis at a DNC money raising event
The alarm bells started ringing and fears of hundreds of millions of death were off the charts sent
A Freudian slip that if more money was raised to elect Blues nuclear war we would prevent?
Followed by the all too common Biden walk back that Russia launching nukes at us was not what he meant
Trying to soothe the nerves of millions still alive who remember the U.S. Navy blockade
Waiting to intercept and sink the Soviet nuke carrying freighters parade
Claimed he was responding not to preparations only Putin’s reckless talk
That steps needed to launch Russian nukes remained blocked
Anyone with an IQ higher than an idiot should be troubled by Biden’s prattle
Leave it to the French who possess a nuclear Force de Frappe to soothe the rattle
Macron rebuked Biden with “We must speak with prudence when speaking on such matters.”
The myth that Biden was the unifier and the calm adult in the room has been shattered!

© October 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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