Thursday, October 13, 2022

Biden Too Little Too Late With Resuscitation of Title 42 to Deport Illegals From Venezuela


Could it be that the few remaining active neurons in Biden’s brain
Are alerting him to the fact that the open border may flush the Blues down the drain?
That rising inflation, gas prices and crime out of control
Will against Blues seeking reelection take their toll?
In what must be an October surprise
To gain votes a resuscitation of Title 42’s demise
Maduro’s Venezuela which supposedly has been releasing felons to north head
Those Venezuelans trying to cross the border seeking asylum will be deported instead
Voters will be smart enough not to be fooled and switch votes to Blue from Red
As soon as the Midterms are over if Blues retain majorities Title 42 will be shed
Biden has long been blasted by his critics for acts too little and too late
He is delusional to think this Title 42 drop in the bucket will the Red Wave abate
A few Venezuelans deported via Title 42 will not the memories of some 2.2 million illegals erase
And the urgent need to Blue majorities on November 8, 2022 replace
© October 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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