Saturday, October 29, 2022

Liz Cheney Scorned Burns Her Red Bridges To Ride Into Sunset After Making an Ad Touting Lake's Opponent Hobbs


If Red voters in Wyoming in ousting Liz Cheney in her primary thought they may have made a mistake
That thought has been erased when RINO Liz’s PAC donated a $500K ad touting Blue Hobbs over Red Kari Lake
Cheney so bitter over Trump and the fact she by Red voters was scorned
Her Vice Chair appointment by Pelosi to 1/6 Committee has not been praised only mourned
Her antipathy towards Trump and his America First Movement
Has burned her bridges to Reds and to the ash heap has sent
Her ad showing her stating she had always voted Red
But if she lived in Arizona would vote for Hobbs instead
Should prove to be into her political coffin the last nail
Hope she has access to a horse to ride into the sunset as from Reds she has bailed
She will be surprised to learn that her ad for Hobbs as a fund raiser for Lake
Is off the charts for contributions to into Lake’s campaign chest rake
© October 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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