Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hunter Biden May Be Facing Federal Indictments Soon Even Though Grand Jury Investigation Him Has Ended Its Term


A common Red campaign cry is that Biden has politicized the DOJ and FBI
Making it impossible for conservatives to on a Blind Lady Justice rely
Parents protesting the teaching of CRT in public schools
Are being surveilled as domestic terrorist tools
11 prolife supporters at a Tennessee abortion clinic were indicted by DOJ for violating the FACE Act
While the DOJ has turned a blind eye to the 17 prolife centers have been vandalized in attacks
Hunter Biden whose business dealings with the CCP are highly suspect
Whose business dealings in Ukraine were saved by a Biden VP’s to Ukraine aid reject
Unless a Ukraine prosecutor investigating Hunter was removed
While the FBI has been sitting on his laptop which collusion with the CCP by the “Big Guy” might prove
Hunter has been investigated by a Grand Jury which ended its term in June
No indictments for Hunter to breathe a sigh of relief that he had escaped doom
May have breathed too quickly as leaks that the feds may be ready to Hunter indict
For perjury, foreign lobbying charges and income tax evasion that may be hard to fight
The ”Big Guy” who lied with a straight face again and again to the nation
That he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings deserves our condemnation
He is lucky beyond belief that the MSM and Social Media killed the story of Hunter’s laptop
A steady stream that the computer was pure Russian fabrication and election interference that would not stop
Not sure if the leak is true but the more it looks like the Reds will in the midterms will prevail
The greater the chances are Hunter will get a Get out of Jail Card via a plea bargain that prison may or may not entail
If prison do not be surprised that Hunter will try to a pardon himself avail
Since Biden’s running in 2024 is a pipe dream there would be no run to the nation’s outrage derail

© September 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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