Monday, October 3, 2022

No respect for cops in Austin as Mayor sound asleep during funeral for cop killed in the line of duty


The Mayor of Austin who wants to defund the police
As violent crime in his city is probably prone to increase
Showed his true colors on the lack of support for the Thin Blue Line
And why Blues across the country on crime are being maligned
An officer killed in the line of duty had a funeral where the mayor was expected to attend
But in Austin in terms of disrespect by Blues for fallen officers his disrespect did not end
Doubt if he was staying up late deprived of sleep to serve the needs of the residents
But attending the funeral falling asleep during the service should cause us to lament
The officer will be buried not knowing his mayor could not stay awake
Immune to the fact that for most residents “defund the police” is a deadly mistake
Words of police support by a Blue  are a dime a dozen worth
But a photo during a funeral of a fallen cop shows in the mayor’s mind a total dearth
Not sure if this leftist Blue mayor in a Red state is running in 2022
But if so, thank God with the sleeping photo, his reelection chances may be through

© October 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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