Friday, October 21, 2022

Zuckerberg and His Cast of Climate Change Warriors Are Spewing Out Carbon on Private Jets Like No Tommorow


How long does it take for the climate change elitist warriors to their harping forget
Most likely as soon as they have to endure the misery of flying in a commercial jet
Spared of aping a sardine cramped together in coach class
Where food other than peanuts was from a memory long past
At least in first class you have some real food and room and the drinks were free
But you could not escape the delays or the airlines cancelling flights spree
Nor the purgatory removed from the first class lounge on the tarmac waiting to fly
Little wonder that our climate change elitist warrior their demands on us quickly defy
No matter how short the trip like iron filings to a magnet’s grip
They flock to private jets to take off with great cuisine and fine wine sip
A private jet spews tons of climate change carbon into the air
They are either oblivious to the damage or really don’t care
Zuckerberg who rants on the need of mere mortals to fight climate change
Spews out carbon on his numerous private jet jaunts like a man deranged
How can these elitists expect us to our economy into the toilet reign?
When attempts to cut back their emissions their response is to deign
The list of celebs and elite that are slaves to the comfort of a private jet
Keeps growing as if you believe them so is our climate change threat

© October 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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