Friday, October 7, 2022

Native American's Bison Coffeehouse Vandalized in Failed Attempt to Halt Coffee With a Cop Event There on October 5, 2022


Portland was once revered as the “City of Roses”
A better name now would be the “City of Covered Noses”
Tent Cities reeking of filthy litter, feces and urine abound
Sidewalks so obstructed often impossible for pedestrians and wheelchairs to move around
Class action suit by those covered by the ADA
Demanding from the sidewalks the tents of the homeless be sent away
A new name sadly needs to be added to the despised list
Portland is now the “City Where Tolerance No Longer Exists”
Loretta Guzman, a Native American, owns the Bison Coffeehouse
Who better communications between police and community espouses
Coffee With a Cop celebrated on October 5th across the nation since 2016
To foster better community police relations and distrust and animosity to cops wean
She has held the event with great success 3 times on October 5th in the past
In a city of great divisiveness how long could these useful events last?
Not long, as before the event which on Instagram to the community was plugged
Her coffee house was severely vandalized by a bunch of cowardly thugs
But the vandals like must thugs were not very smart if they wanted to the event block
Vandalized the coffee house too soon and after Guzman’s shock
Friends, family and neighbors rallied to clean up the vandals’ mess
The failure of the thugs to the holding of the event on 10/5/2022 was suppressed
The PPD is undermanned, underfunded and fighting a losing battle against violent crime
But to investigate this hate crime and find the thugs one hopes they can find the time!

© October 7, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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