Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Biden Must Believe Like Jesus Saving the Boat From Stormy Releasing 15 Million Barrels'll Save Blues From Red Wave


Biden must have read the Biblical verses of Jesus casting oil on the raging waves
More desperate by the day must think like the boat 15 million barrels will Blue majorities save
The SPR was created to prevent severe economic disruptions caused by a disruption of our oil supply
Not for craven political purposes to the Reds reclaiming both Houses of Congress deny
Our oil safety net will be reduced to the lowest level since 1984
Biden in announcing the 15 million release idiotically claims it will cause us to produce more
Ignoring the fact his war on domestic energy creates higher production hurdles
When it comes to granting permits or correcting damage assumption he moves with the speed not of the hare but the turtle
Reds and Fox have been complaining for months of these brazen political facts
That have been largely ignored by the MSM so loath to Biden and the Blues attack
Biden was miffed about questions upon questions on the motive of the oil release
And as they continued turned his back and walked away when they would not cease
God help us if supply is disrupted, and the pipelines even temporarily run dry
Thanks to this senile politician who to elect Blues drained the SPR on which we must rely

© August 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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