Tuesday, October 4, 2022

A Miniscule Amount of Illegals and Hochul Cries For Federal Aid Like Chicken Little


New York Governor Hochul
Proves again without any doubt she’s a total yokel
After a few thousands of illegals in her state have arrived
She’s calling for a federal solution to allow New York to survive
Unfortunately she is blind to the solution that is before her very eyes
She doesn’t need more federal aid but illegals crossing into the county to deny
An overwhelming majority of the illegals are fleeing from the agony of poverty
Not recognized by the UN as one who qualifies as a refugee
Asylum is not a remedy for one seeking from poverty an escape
To claim it then never appear in Immigration Court but disappear into the urban landscape
Anyone seeking refugee status must at an American Embassy or Consulate an application file
No more crossing the border flooding CBP with claims of amnesty to beguile
If no application filed, sent back and if denied sent back
In the meantime complete the wall and see that enough personnel for CBP it does not lack
Once the wave has turned into a trickle and border crossers to their home country start being returned
We can have an intelligent debate over numbers needed and skills needed to be able to stay here and a living earn
Unhandcuff ICE to existing illegals be able to deport
Other than public schooling and emergency medical care no welfare payments to support
The word outside the nation will quickly spread
Cross without granted amnesty application and one gets deported instead

© October 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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