Monday, October 31, 2022

The View Stealing Halloween to Promote Their Leftist Ideology


Many believe the War on Christmas and the Grinch Christmas stole
And now another holiday originally for kids the left has taken its toll
Halloween once was the time for kids costumed up to knock on doors
“Trick or treat” to load up on candied goodies to later explore
Finally adults and teens got into the Halloween game
Decked out as villains or characters worthy of fame
Almost every one locked in a stressful 9-5 working life
Facing the stress of work, mortgages, time demands that are rife
Yearns to put on a mask and for one night be the hero of one’s dreams
With awards, accolades, tranquility, monetary wealth and friends and family in a steady stream
But as might be expected from the leftist biased hosts of the View
They are using the holiday to their viewers to their ideology woo
But worse as foot soldiers kids they chose to enlist
A boy dressed as a Trump toilet flushing docs as 2 FBI Agents try to desist
Another child in scrubs as a doctor Oz vegetables cleaning
For those non elites scrapping by to families feed so demeaning
But the piece of cake is Whoopi Goldberg as a the one trick pony  Handmaiden in red
Lettering “my choice” thankfully alerting viewers they quickly change channels instead
© October 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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