Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Actress Hathaway on "The View" Claims Abortion Is a Mercy Killing


When one after an accident or illness is in such great pain
24/7 with all joy, satisfaction, or hope for improvement flushed down the drain
Unable to converse, unable to walk or move, mentally and/or physically a cripple complete
Life ceases to be living and death is the only way to pain defeat
Most of us would agree that suicide is the only way to pain cheat
If the person suffering is able to make the choice to death greet
His or her doctors have exhausted all treatment with no improvement in sight
A mercy killing under those circumstances should be considered as right
But Hathaway argues that abortion is a form of “mercy killing”
But here only the woman and her doctor and not the fetus can be willing
The fetus who in the third trimester is clearly viable outside the womb
Which now has been turned from a nurturing chamber to a deadly tomb
Robbed of a chance to live, grow and contribute with what ifs crashed
And the fetal parts sucked out and into the research lab or trash
There is no mercy in abortion unless the fetus had maladies that would if treated still lead to imminent death or massive impairment
How difficult would it be for a women after learning she is pregnant after having to the doctor went
Before the third trimester arrived to an abortion have consented
And after unless to save the mother’s life  abortion would be prevented
The safety net for lower income mothers would need to be expanded to pay for the costs of a child to raise
And/or efforts to expand adoption efforts would have to be held in much higher praise
© November 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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