Monday, November 21, 2022

The Mouse That Became a Chinaphile Lion Is Back From Retirement


Out of retirement at Disney after less than a year is Robert Iger
A Chinaphile and poster child for Year of the Tiger
Who followed Eisner’s often bended knee
To our existential threat the CCP
Most satisfying moment for him was opening Disney Shanghai
So eager for Chinese entry to the park for more profits on which to rely
While silent on the Chinese Uyghur genocide and slave labor to deny
From the U.S. and most of our allies only words while Uyghurs slave and die
If the U.S. had a Chinese calendar Robert Iger would the poster child of the Year of the Rat
For in our struggle against the existential Chinese threat unwilling to go to bat
Staying in the dugout of increasing Disney woke
While criticism of conservative alarm over the CCP to stoke
Parents with children on paying outrageous Disneyland and World admission fees
Should boycott a company which to the existential threat of the CCP
Self censors its entertain and views on China bends its knees
And no longer close its eyes and ears to the human rights abuses there to see
In his quest for higher profits at any cost this advice he should believe the CCP’s creed
When we hang the last capitalist we will have sold him the rope we need

© November 21, 2022

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