Friday, November 4, 2022

Tiffany Cross Not Renewed Due to Bad Behavior On and Off the Air--Hurrah, Hurrah!


This poet has long blogged that Tiffany was a disgrace to the Tiffany name
Peddling not fine jewelry but cheap costume biased ones as conservatives she defamed
That Americans did not deserve to be crucified on her biased cross
Finally NBC trying to shed its Nothing But Cack acronym has from her show tossed
“Repeated bad behavior on and off the air. Bad judgment”
Reasons given to why to the unemployment line she was sent
The straw that probably broke NBC’s back
Her labeling Justice Thomas as “Justice Pubic Hair in a Coke Can” as judgment lack
Her 2 year contract was not renewed when she should have been warned months ago
And then quickly fired if any improvement in her behavior failed to show
To the Joyless Reids and Sunny “Stormy” Hostins pseudo journalists whose bias clogs our airwaves
Rants like calling female Red voters cockroaches looking for Raid will their trip to the unemployment line not save
Leftist anchors having learned that reptilian brains are the kiss of death to their careers
Need to be aware that due their biased rants firing or nonrenewal they should also fear
If Don Lemon is reading this blog the bell is tolling for him
Disastrous start in terms of ratings which are looking pretty grim
Hopefully in the MSM objectivity will be the new trend
And leftist advocacy will be coming to a quick end
© November 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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