Monday, November 21, 2022

Former Miss Universe Dating Christian McCaffrey in a Relationship Based on God


2012 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is a beauty to be awed
Who has proclaimed her relationship with her lover is “rooted in God”
So appropriate to learn Christian is his first name
McCaffrey of runner up Heisman Trophy fame
Now with the 49er’s and running free and catching passes
Since 2019 has been dating one of the more sought after lasses
Who unlike many in Hollywood today
Wants to have a large family come her way
Christian we hope on the field continues to healthy stay
And from tackles shift, dodge and run away
But being from Stanford he should be a very bright man
And knows she would a great catch to put a ring on her hand
When his running and catching days are done
Maybe a new skill he would his fans stun
Acting lessons to enjoy with her to the Oscars a scoring run  
Until then we hope he continues to tackles but not T.D.’s shun
© November 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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