Tuesday, November 29, 2022

In Iran Protestors Cheer the Great Satan's Win in Qatar and in China Nationwide Protests Over COVID Lockdowns


Two tyrannical regimes are facing growing unrest in their streets
The icons of human rights abuses China and Iran will use force and not retreat
In China an inane zero tolerance policy for COVID
Separating families and locking down almost all, protestors are trying to rid
In Iran another killing of a young woman is jail who was nabbed
For the crime of not in public wearing a hijab
In an example in Iran the winds of protest cannot be shuttered
Iranians took to the streets again to the Great Satan’s soccer victory praise in Qatar
Both nations are ruled by total tyrants unwilling to let go of their power
The people till now have been forced to obey and cower
Soon there will be bloodshed in the streets
The tyrants will go to any lengths to the protestors defeat
World opinion aghast at protestors gunned down by the hundreds or thousands will not the tyrants move
They will ignore and dismiss as rants all world opinion that will their acts disapprove
Iran with its porous border might a place where U.S. arms could be smuggled in
Doubtful if enough could find their way into protestors hands to aid them to win
Only when enough citizens in either country die
And the common soldier becomes so disgusted on orders to shoot he will deny
Will regime change have a chance
In China look for a Taiwan invasion to solidifying the tyrants’ rule advance
© November 29, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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