Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Reds Need to win Arizona or Nevada Senate Race to Make Georgia Runoff the Most Expensive in History

 One thing the Midterms proved is that while Biden is frail Obama is the campaign master

His campaign rhetoric although distorting Red views to the max staved off Blue disasters

Only way to explain Fetterman win was that many voters had already voted before the one and only debate

Watching Fetterman struggle was clear he was not yet mentally fit but Oz surge since many had voted came too late

October surprises have too often be a campaign fact

Add to that earlier mail in voting and a debate lack

Hobbs is leading in Arizona for governor even though she refused to debate Lake

With a 4000 some vote lead and only 2/3’s in Lake may her overtake

Walker and Warnock will in a December 6 run off to see who wins the seat

Walker skipped one debate raising the question did that lead to not Warnock defeat?

The Georgia run off may or may not be the most expensive race

If Blues win both Arizona and Nevada still not called no question of where the majority gavel will be placed

But if the Reds or Blues win only one the dollars by the millions will have to flow

And if either party wins two campaign dollars for future elections will grow

Reds are still confident the House will flip

But very slim will be the majority grip

Hope McCarthy during Pelosi's tenure was taking notes

On how to control a caucus so Red defections are remote

© November 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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