Saturday, November 12, 2022

Another Day Another Location and Another Biden Where Am I Major Gaffe--So Sad and No Longer Makes Us Laugh


It seems far too often when Biden opens his mouth listeners must cringe
As what comes out means he is moving faster past the dementia fringe
Each day more and more functioning neurons he lacks
Even though on his latest repeated twice  major gaffe the MSM is pushing for slack
After all both countries end with an “ia”  start with a “C”
Another example of his not knowing where he’s at to see
ASEAN meeting is not being held in Columbia over 11,000 miles away
But in Cambodia where the meeting delegates came to hear what he had to say
Maybe we can blame his handlers for not going through the “where are you drill”
But the world listening to him with the football must be feeling a chill
His increasing gaffes and lapses explains why the latest “mental giant” he supports
The effects of Fetterman’s stroke have not yet been cured viewers can report
The two look like in the mental disability race they are running neck and neck
But with his age, while Fetterman should improve, Biden’s increasing dementia we can expect
Jill may be good at what she does but against dementia growing she is not up to the task
For the sake of the country in 2024 we hope she will convince him it’s time for beach walks or by the ocean just bask
© November 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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