Sunday, November 27, 2022

In Chicago Where Armed Armed Car Jackings Are the Norm A Woman Conceal Carry Permit Holder Prevent Hers by Shooting Car Jacker in the Headere C


Biden idiotically claims that owning semiautomatic guns is sick
Must think that a single shot gun against a felon with a gun will do the trick
Must be oblivious to the fact that people concerned about their safety are filing for permits to conceal carry
After leaving their house in their car, walking on a sidewalk or in a public place a danger to be shot and buried
Or to be confronted by a homeless person with a knife
Mentally challenged who will want to take your life
There are now 22 million Americans who have concealed carry permits
Is Biden delusional to believe these law abiding citizens will to a ban of their weapons submit?
In a city like Chicago where carjacking at gunpoint has become too often the norm
A woman permit holder was facing 4 carjackers and in sight no cops in uniform
One of the hijackers pointed a gun at her head
And she shot him first in the head instead
And from the scene although wounded fled
Had she not been a concealed carry holder she could now be dead
In the shooting gallery of Chicago one is not safe even in broad daylight
No one should want to be unarmed when in a felon’s gun sight

© November 27, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet  

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