Tuesday, November 29, 2022

On Giving Tuesday Ivanka Trump Is Giving by Working With Ripe for Revival handing Out Meals


On Giving Tuesday Ivanka Trump showed she is the real deal
Working with Ripe for Revival to be handing out in rural communities needed meals
Clearly not merely a photo op but a helping hand to those in need
Wonder how many political stars of the left the cries of the hungry heed
We have become so consumed with intolerant hate
We can’t cross the aisle to real issues try to abate
It would not come as a surprise
But in addition to time a safe bet is she adds dollars to hunger demise
If any youth in this country are not adequately fed
Before with empty stomachs they crawl into bed
Their bodies and brains will barely grow
A generation of physically and mentally challenged kids we will sow
With Biden’s killing inflation
All around the nation
Food banks are under increasing demand stress
From nutritionally challenged under mounting inflationary distress
Food banks even those in “wealthy” counties like Orange need donations of money and dollars
To free the less fortunate from malnutrition crippling for a lifetime collar
© 11/29/30  Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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