Thursday, November 10, 2022

Navarro Blasts DeSantis for "Gaming the System But Ignoring Blue PACs Contributing To Red Primary Candidates Believed To Be Too Extreme


If you want to watch and listen to “pundits” who are without on issues a clue
Turn on the TV and turn quickly to the channel that airs The View
 Navarro was ranting on how DeSantis gamed the system to win
The same old tired false narrative that Florida was making voting difficult spin
Then falsely intoned that Crist, a has been political corpse, was helped by DeSantis to win his primary
Totally ignored the fact Blue PACs were contributing to Reds thought to be extreme that in the general the voters would bury
The only intelligent thing that came out of her mouth is that in Miami-Dade County DeSantis ran laser-focused campaign
And was Johnny on the Spot when Hurricane Ian hit the state with massive storm surges and torrential rain
This supposed Red seems intent on joining the Belittle and Dump on DeSantis Band
Trying to knock him down so he does not get the nomination and become the next president of this land

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