Tuesday, November 29, 2022

After 12 Season and Setting the Record For Most Stanford Wins Coach David Shaw Resigned As Stanford's Football Coach


At Stanford a winning 12 year career
In the beginning taking over from Harbaugh opponents would fear
Shaw’s teams with their huge offensive lines
Speedy backs and large speedy tight ends to smash ball defined
But mobile passing QB’s evolved and opponents learned to ape
And from the Admission Dean’s barriers to entry he could not escape
A shortened season due to the onslaught of COVID
Then two losing seasons as Stanford football went into a downward skid
In 2021 upset wins over USC and Oregon that became Pickett’s highwater mark
High hopes so quickly dashed as the Cardinal on a 7 game losing streak embarked
Worse a slaughter at home by Cal in the Big Game
Nervous alums and fans wonder if Shaw could bounce back after a season that went down in flames
Not to be as in 2022 in 9 games the Cardinal went down in defeat
To be expected since Tanner led the PAC-12 in tacklers behind the line he would greet
2 3-9 seasons back to back
Looking forward to 2023 alums were becoming triskaidekaphobiacs
What may have been in the coaching coffin’s last nail
When in a 4th quarter Stanford rally against BYU, a  PAT snap to the holder failed
As he resigned after the BYU game, we should remember this about Coach Shaw
Though in years 10-12 his play calling may have seemed flawed
He set a Stanford record for wins which alums should extol
Resigned in a class act as the winner of  2 out of 3 Rose Bowls
Future coaching in the pros or in college we wish him well
If in the pros he will be freed of the need to recruit and prospects gaining admission having to sell

© November 29, 2022 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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