Sunday, November 6, 2022

Solid Blue County in Florida May Flip Blue to Red


Tired of the one trick pony abortion on demand overworked ponies on parade
Now replaced by the divisive voting for Reds is a Threat to Democracy charade
Another county across the nation that may be flipping from Blue to Red is Miami-Dade
Biden’s vicious attack on at least 50 percent of the voters has the foundations for flips laid
Reds have almost from day one focused on inflation, crime, open border with drugs
With the bonus issues of lockdowns and teaching CRT that reading, writing and math skills mug
Blues after Dobbs like moths to a light bulb at night
Focused on the abortion on demand fight
Overwhelming majorities of America inflation, crime and open border rightfully fear
Yet Blues for the benefit of a very small minority want to late term abortion as a right steer
Too little too late the new pitch
That belongs with the trash in a ditch
Is that a vote for Reds means Democracy will cease to exist
While a Biden politicized DOJ with its FBI wants to parents as school board meetings resist
We should hope that Miami-Dade joins the counties that will flip
While Blues lose the House and Blue control of the Senate big time slips
© November 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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