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November 30 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


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Ridley’s Believe It Or Not November 30, 2022
National Holiday: National Meth Awareness Day: Created by President George W. Bush on November 27, 2006 and observed since 2006 on November 30 each year to promote awareness of the dangers of meth addiction and the need for rehabilitation services to fight the addiction. Sadly, meth addicts are too readily visible by the damage to their teeth from smoking it and their inability to perform simple mental tasks like speaking in complete sentences. MRI scans of the brain of a meth addict showing the destruction of the brain should be shown to anyone contemplating  the use of the drug. Meth’s far deadlier cousin fentanyl thanks to Senators DiFi and Grassley will have its own awareness day May 10 which was created this year.
          Word of the Day: The word of the day is “ablepsia” which means blindness which probably describes a fair number of our politicians to the dangers of an open border and desires of hegemony of China.
          Number 1 Song of the Day: The number 1 song in 2017 was “Rock Star” by  Post Malone feat. 21 Savage on a run of 8 weeks  to share with 11 other songs reaching achieving number 1 status, 12 acts, including Post Malone and 21 Savage achieved their first number 1.  Here is a video recording of Post Malone feat. 21 Savage performing “Rock Star”:
          Famous Birthdays: Keven Conroy,  born on this day in 1955, who became a noted film and TV actor and voice actor best known for the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in animated films. Conroy was a homosexual who concealed it until coming out of the closet in a New York Times interview in which he detailed the discrimination and lost roles due to his homosexuality. Also fondly remembered by NYFD and NYPD personnel who responded to 9/11  his cooking meals for them and when the meals were ready calling out to them in his Batman voice, I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!  Sadly he died of colorectal cancer on November 10 this year.
          Famous Events that occurred on November 30th
          1.       1982—Michael Jackson’s sixth album Thriller was released to become the most sold album with over 70 million copies sold worldwide.
          2.       1999—Exon and Mobil Oil sign a $77.7 billion agreement to merge creating the world’s largest company.
          3.       2001—Gary Ridgeway, a serial killer of women and teenage girls who terrified the Seattle and known as the “Green River Killer” during the 80’s and 90’s was arrested based on DNA evidence gathered from 4 victims killed some 20 years ago. The police were so desperate to catch the killer, they even interviewed Ted Bundy who advised them to look at the dump sites for the bodies which they did and discovered fresh graves. To escape the death sentence, he disclosed where he had killed 41 missing persons and he is now in prison serving life sentences without possibility of parole. In a “I had no idea how lucky I am moment”, Ridgeway’s third wife had no idea of his past murdering activities but being with her significantly reduced his need to kill and it is believed only 3 victims perished while he was married to her. He is now 73 years old rotting away a Walla Walla State Penitentiary.
          4.       2018—In a lesser intense repeat of the 1964 Anchorage Good Friday Earthquake Anchorage sufferer a  7.1 earthquake with an epicenter of only 24 kilometers away but resulted in significant damage but no deaths.
          5.       2021—15 year old Ethan Crumbley armed with a 9mm semi-automatic handgun Oxford High School in Oxford Township, Michigan and shot and killed 4 students and wounded 7 including a teacher. He was quickly arrested charged with murders to be tried as an adult but after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity he plead guilty on October 22 of this year. He is awaiting a hearing on what circumstances would justify a sentence of life without possibility of parole the prosecutors want. His parents after fleeing have be arrested for involuntary manslaughter for failing to secure Crumbley’s weapon and are awaiting trial which if results in conviction could mean up to 15 years in prison.
          Quote of the Day: Dirk Kempthorne, former Senator and Governor of Idaho and Secretary of Interior under George W. Bush: “Methamphetamine is a hideous drug. Meth makes a person paranoid, violent, and aggressive – making them a serious threat to society and law enforcement. And maybe, more importantly, meth users threaten their children and families.”


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