Wednesday, November 16, 2022

As Claims of FTX Fraud Grows, Cal Bears Remove FTX Logo From 25 Yard Lines Before Cal Stanford Big Game


On November 19th Cal at home plays Stanford for the 125th time in what is called “The Big Game”
But with each team non bowl eligible the contest has lost a lot of its prior fame
But one aspect of the site used to have a now infamous name
Cal’s stadium was called FTX Field but after the company went down in B/K flames
The Golden Bears on what may be an Enron like scam were quick to react
The FTX logo on the 25 yard line quickly met an erasure redact
So, the now “The Little Big Game” can now be played
Without the distraction of the FTX logo on display
The Cal Bears’ logo removal was not alone
The Miami Heat is quickly trying to find a new name for its arena home
Mercedes removed the logo from its Formula One racing cars
FTX before its B/K had snared Tom Brady, Stephen Curry and a lot of athlete and celebrity stars
Brady as a FTX Ambassador even made some ads for FTX
Now ruing he was paid in crypto as opposed to dollar checks

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