Saturday, November 12, 2022

Hochul Be Dammed Another Good Man With a Gun Stops a Killing and Kidnapping by Being a Good Sam


Hochul whose soft on crime views suffering New Yorkers will have to endure for 4 years
With Hochul’s pronouncement that the time of the good man with a gun is done ringing in their ears
Had a chance to learn not in their state but in the Peach State
What a good man with a gun can do to crime abate
Getting an oil change in a Warner Springs Walmart
Kelcey Willis witnessed a kidnapping start
The young boy was screaming as he was being dragged into the woods
Fortunately for the victim what had to be done, Willis quickly understood
Grabbed his gun and into the woods to the sound of screaming ran
The kidnapper was on top choking the victim with death as his plan
The barrel of his gun pointed at the kidnapper’s chest
Was all it took to the choking stop, the victim let loose and wait for the police to arrest
Hochul on crime is a total fool and over the next 4 years will have massive blood on her hands
Thankfully there are still citizens who when danger calls they without fear become  Good Sams

© November 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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